They said "Thanks" to

Every week we get emails from customers saying thanks for the service we provide and the products that we sell. We truly work hard to bring you only the best in both products and service. The following are REAL emails which we've received over the last year. We've copied them just as we've received them so if there are misspellings, they are in there too.

THIS ONE IS SPECIAL - It's titled "Disabled Jersey Girl..... Captain & Mrs. NeedCasters"
We had "Webby" do a special page in the exact format that the email was received. It's pretty cool. Click here to see this Thank You

It's so nice to get great customer service that you have to share it when you do. Too bad you don't need casters every day. I'm assuming my contact, Charlie, is Captain Caster and perhaps a Vietnam vet as mentioned on the customer page. He is amazingly helpful and careful to make sure everything works out with the purchase! Great shopping experience.

We just placed an order in the middle of the night, and already it has been sent. My husband is making me a sewing cabinet, we needed u casters as well as flat mount casters... then plans changed. But I call these my "pimp" casters. They look so great.. Your service is so fast. We thank you for that!!! We have a few more projects in the works. Will definitely order more! A very satisfied costumer so far!
Heather and Josh

I just received my order of 5 casters for a Herman Miller Mirra chair. These are great! I’m pretty darned big (over 350 pounds) and have the chair on a new Brazilian cherry hardwood floor. I was so worried about digging ruts into my new floor with the old casters, but the Sumo series casters are terrific! Perfect for what I needed. Thanks for the quick service.

Thank you they fit perfectly, and look great! I'm very happy with your service!

The Casters arrived, and they fit perfectly (in a hard to fit environment). Thanks for your help and prompt shipment.

The casters arrived yesterday. They were easy to put on. The quality is much better than the original. Thank you so much for the time and attention you put into solving my problem. Great company...great rep. I am grateful to you both!

PERFECT!!! They came, they installed, they work! Thanks.
Charles W.

Hi Charlie - thanks for your email, and 10-4 regarding UPS. Appreciate the quick reply and order processing. I'm looking forward to using my office chair on carpet again. The next time anyone needs some casters for home of office, I'll send 'em your way. Thanks again.

Charlie, Casters arrived this afternoon and we couldn’t be more happy with the products and the service. As I said, I am more of a brick and mortar – buy local – kind of person, but, in this instance you were way and above the local competition – in information – service – attitude and price ! Thanks again

Thank you again, Charlie, for your assistance with my order. I just wanted to let you know how I came to ordering from your company. We have a project which needs casters. I knew in my mind’s eye what they looked like, but could not find in our many hardware catalogues. First, I needed a description so I could go to the local caster company, here in Seattle, to pick some up. I turned to the internet and “googled” casters and found your web site and what I needed. The web site is very well done. Easy to navigate. And, full of practical information. I appreciated the little details like the stop signs, to check and recheck the order for pertinent information. In addition, as I scrolled through the pages I came upon heavy shop equipment casters (GDN Series) which would work wonders on some of our CNC wood working machinery. We had never seen these before. And that brings me to the “why you” and “not them” ? I decided you deserved my business, albeit a small order, because your web site made my buying experience so easy and informative. The frosting on the cake is the superb customer service! Very truly,
Ron P.

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you to get the right casters for my office chair. It's unfortunate that the manufacturer of the chair did a great job making the chair, but skimmed on the casters. I had so many issues and no satisfaction from the furniture company until I found your Company, I'm grateful for your help in solving my problem and getting replacement casters that are fantastic. I never thought casters are just casters. Your web site is so informative and Charlie was just great in helping and educating me on the correct application. Thanks to all. You really know how to take care of customers and have superb quality products...........

Hello, Charlie! Thanks so much for picking out the right casters for our cart. They arrived & I installed them yesterday. Works PERFECTLY!!!! We truly appreciate the spectacular customer service you provided. Hope you are enjoying learning about the World's Healthiest Foods.
Wishing you WELL!

Hello, I received the casters and put them on the chair and am amazed at how much better the chair rolls. Thanks much! Thought I was going to have to throw the chair away.
Kind regards,

Can you let Charlie know that I really appreciate all the help that he gave me on the phone (twice)! He answered all my questions….and was very patient with me when I was trying to explain the piece of furniture I'm building my wife. And then gave me several recommendations to think about. You don't find patience like that very often anymore!!
Thanks so much!!


Thanks Charlie.

Fortunately the Fire was a small electrical fire, more panic than problem, but in a large Telecom Facility, anything that sets-off a Fire Alarm causes major panic and operational dysfunction.

Again thanks for your immediate actions on the issue with my order. I was particularly impressed by the level of detail you provided in both your Voice Mails and Email follow up. Every point was address in detail. Outstanding!! (That also includes my initial question about why four casters carry only twice the load of one, again very detailed and concise.)

I tell all my vendors: “Mistakes happen. It’s not the mistake, but what you do about it that counts.” You immediately took ALL the right steps and have more than compensated for the issue and all my concerns.

THANKS for the Great job!! I will recommend to anyone I know needing you products.

D. B., Woodstock, GA

Dear employees of Need Casters,

I just wanted to let you know how much your great service was appreciated! We recently purchased a sleep number bed. The bed came equipped with casters with attached posts that kept my feet dangling seven inches off the floor. Thanks to your speedy service, I can now get in and out of bed much easier. As someone with RA this is not always an easy thing to do.

Your product is superior and your service OUTSTANDING!

Please thank all your employees for doing a super job!

Mary and Dan, Grand Rapids, Michigan

My casters and metal sockets arrived on Friday and I followed your directions for installing the sockets (5/8” hole, 2 part epoxy) on Saturday, put the casters in this afternoon and the chair works perfectly. Thanks again for your help it is truly appreciated.
Alan P.

I just bought from you two 6" Swivel Caster with brake - Green Polyurethane on Cast Iron Wheel and two 6" Rigid Caster - Green Polyurethane on Cast Iron Wheel. OMG!! Now my tool cart needs a brake to slow down. Between the great price and how much better these wheel are, I should of bought them a long time ago.
Just letting you,
A very happy customer!

Thanks Charlie. They worked like a champ.

Got my casters today!
Just under 48 hours after ordering this is the best service I have ever gotten.
thanks Charlie

Hello, Charlie:
I talked with you on the phone awhile back about a wooden office chair needing new casters for wood flooring. You probably don't remember, but weight of the chair + husband was a concern. The casters needed to be threaded, and you gave me some ideas as to what may work.

I just wanted to report, that I opted for 4 SUMO SERIES 75mm Black Un-Hooded Casters with Soft Rubber Wheels.....threaded stem 5/16 - 18 x 1" long. THEY ARE PERFECT! I knew I was pushing the weight limit, but went for it anyway. The chair rolls better than ever!

Thank you for your help. It was refreshing to talk to someone who knows something about his products.......a rarity these days. Worth every penny! Robin

Thank you so much for the last order and for this one. Really appreciate the quick turnaround on the orders!! This is all I’ll need going forward—this completes all my tables here. So, I won’t have any more orders with you but if you need a “reference” please don’t hesitate to provide my information.
Received the casters today; they're exactly what I have needed for over 50 years for my big oak desk chair that goes with my heirloom roll top oak desk that I bought in 1952. They will be used on my new hickory flooring. They're already installed! Perfect! They're quiet and gentle on the new hickory flooring! Thanks for your prompt response/delivery!

Just received the casters. They’re incredible. They far exceed my expectations. Thanks for helping me finalize the caster selection for this application.

Hello, This is Steve. I want to let you know I received my order and I am very happy with everything Your sales dept is very helpful. My order was processed quickly. Product is of very hi quality. I appreciate the way you do business.
Thanks Steve

Charlie: Just a note to let you know I received the casters and they were a perfect fit. The chairs were made around 1990 and the stem is pressed into the chair leg. The configuration of the stem is exactly as required per your sketch, like you show for the welded stem. I will be ordering additional casters in the future. Thanks for the great service,
Joe K

Good morning Charlie. Thanks for the rapid response to the stem issue on subject order. The revised casters arrived yesterday afternoon and were installed soon after. The longer stems work well on the associated base. This order has been hassle free thanks to your customer service mission statement. May the business continue to flourish. BTW, the products that are offered are an extremely good value. Personally I appreciate the collective wisdom that the site offers to individuals who choose to read it. In my life I never considered using an open end wrench to measure a stem.
My Best-Colin

You have the best customer service then any business that I have dealt with in the past except for my own business (CPA practice) which we handle just like you do. It is a pleasure doing business with you. I notice that you are in New Jersey. We have great friends who live there too who I handle all of their tax needs. If I can be of any service to you in the future for tax return preparation both personal and business I can give you a great discount from what you may be paying know, please call or fax me if you have any questions.

Hi Charlie, casters came....
Casters fit! Whoo hoo! Thanks for your help in getting it right. Wishing you all the best.
Thank you,
Marilyn S

Hi ya'll,
WOW, I just got my order and I couldn't be happier! These new casters slid right in and worked fantasically! You have NO idea what I've been going through with the old ones, lol...let me explain a bit:I'm basically in a wheelchair due to ruptured disks in my spine and messed up knees. I can walk a few steps but not without great pain. ANYHOW, I generally use an office chair in both the kitchen and at my computer desks instead of my wheelchair cuz it's just easier and I can get closer to the stove, and to wash dishes, etc. The chair I've had in the kitchen has suffered greatly due to clogged up wheels that occurred when I used to have a purebred german shepherd service dog who shedded immensely all over, especially in the kitchen where he used to love to lay on the floor. Well no matter how much I vacuumed, it seemed I could never keep up with all that hair that was always floating all over, everywhere! Needless to say, that same hair slowly but surely clogged up the wheels/casters of that kitchen chair I used, until it got so bad that I was basically dragging and pushing it across the kitchen. It became quite a workout! I know have developed heart failure due to an enlarged heart, which has been going on since I was born with that condition. (yep, I'm a medical mess, lol) Long story, short....I've tried everything to salvage those casters and make them ROLL again, to no avail! I was about to replace the entire chair, which would have been hard since I'm now on SSI and it's barely enough to live on, let alone get anything extra like a new chair. Then, I came across your website and realized I could just replace the casters instead! Man, that was wonderful! So, like I said, they came today and I slapped them on, and viola' it works like a charm! It's like being able to said again, lol. I can actually get across the kitchen without getting winded! But even better than that, I just popped back to your website to find out how to send this email to ya and found out that your company is run and staffed by women AND vet's at that, totally cool! As if that weren't enough....I opened the box of my casters to find that ya'll are totally considerate to the earth by reusing newspaper for packing instead of using those infernal styrofoam peanuts or those insane plastic baggies of air! I LOVE it! Man, ya'll couldn't ROCK anymore than you do right now, as far as I'm concerned! Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks for everything you do, right down to signing in your own handwriting at the bottom of the order sheet that was in the box, in ink, a thank you for the order! Man, that kind of customer care just doesn't exist anymore, except for with you guys I guess! Keep up the good work, it IS appreciated by the customers! And....of course, thank you for your sacrifice to help protect our freedoms! As an Army brat, I personally thank you! Sincerely,

I just wanted to let you know that the stemless caster that I purchased for my Steelcase Criterion chair was a perfect fit! One caster was perfect for the replacement of the one that broke, so we have four others in case any of the other chairs in our office have the same problem. Thank you for your help. Regards,

Hi Charlie, aka Captain Caster:
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of the perfect size caster for our classroom tables. I’ve had the box for quite some time but just opened it up this week and tried one to make sure it fit. And, it’s just right. I believe I ordered enough for 18 tables. That will help a lot with my day-to-day schedule here. I do have 100 tables total, so my goal will be to do a few more tables each year based upon how my budget looks. I’ll keep my order information in the file so when I can order my, I can go through you.

Feedback on the casters... I've had them on my office chair for almost two weeks now. They are great. The chair moves easier and is much more responsive as I sit in it. Much better than the stock casters that it came with. Thanks again.

Hi, The casters arrived and have been easily installed. They seem very nice, thank you.

Hi Charlie –
thank YOU for this, the casters you recommended are wonderful and so easy to glide around here, if we aren’t careful we’re going to have to put speed bumps in the office! :D But really these make it so much easier, particularly for our elderly clients, they don’t struggle getting in & out of the chairs and we don’t take the risk of being swatted when we try to help them. Anyway, hope you have a great summer and til next time, thank you! Regards,

Just received casters today. They fit perfectly. It took me awhile to figure out that my casters were metric and not standard but once I got that, ordering and receiving them was a breeze! Thanks again,

Thanks Charlie. The replacement casters arrived and have been installed. They are perfect.

Arrived today. sure was speedy.


Thx needcasters dot com, My casters just arrived after only 3 days and they were exactly what I needed...Nice Work!
Eric V

Got them today. Installed them & they work great. Thanks Again - Excellent customer service!!

Just a note to thank you.....your phone advice was on the money...the threads and unit fit. Thanks

More like thank YOU. So happy you thought of those sockets. Saved me so much more time looking and getting frustrated. I’m keeping your card if anyone asks me about casters. Thanks again for your great customer service.


I was going crazy trying to find what I needed, but after sending the email, God led me directly to the correct place and we have placed our order to your company! Thank you again!! God bless you!

Hi Charlie..
THEY FIT and they look great.. thank you so much for all your help Have a healthy and happy holiday

Casters arrived today. Can't wait to install them. Thanks Charlie!

Thanks so much, really nice service.

Great! Thank you so much!
I received my casters today and they fit perfectly. Thanks for helping me select the proper casters. Best Regards,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the casters today. They work great! Aloha,

I noticed the refund posted on my PayPal account today. Thank you very much. Your organization is top notch! Many thanks…

got them, love them, seem to work great. thank you for all your help!

Thanks! Order was here the next day and items look perfect for what I need. Great, informative web site and top notch customer service. Thanks again!

Hello Charlie,
Just a note to let you know that I received the casters and they are great! Thanks again for all your help.

Our handyguy was not able to remove the stem so he proceeded to use the black stemless caster we have as part of a 3/11 order. The fix may not last but its serving the purpose now. The one he repaired in 3/11 is still sturdy. Thank you for your time & expertise. You are a great representative of your company.

We received the 8 casters you an the guru suggested. They were absolutely perfect! The 2 chairs roll so smoothly on the tile floor. I just placed another order of 10. Eight for the other 2 chairs and 2 extra. It's been a real pleasure working with you. Happy Holidays to all of you and a prosperous New Year.

Hi Charlie,
The casters and hardware are perfect for the application. Thank you! I have just ordered (20) more. Thank you,

UPS just arrived...I stopped cutting grass and installed the casters..better than new! Thanks !!!!

Received order yesterday and we now have a functional chair again!
Thanks, Eileen

Hello Charlie,
I received the caster order,and installed them on my job.I must admit tat the quality amazed me. These casters are very substantial, and roll very well, and are very quiet, my cusotmer commented serverl times about this and was very pleased. I was also pleased with the results. Our former supplier is in the junk business compared to your prodiicts. You will hear from us again. Thanks for the extra service you supplied I appreciate it.

Thanks for the wonderful casters! They work perfectly with my desk. They look like they were made to be there all the time!

Hi There-
I just want to thank you for a great product! My aging father needed a desk chair that is not on casters and your bell glides are perfect. I am amazed that, as our society ages, more campanies don't sell them. But I am even more thankful for your company and Google to help me find you! Thanks again--

I just wanted to thank you for the casters I ordered last month. They were for my mother who was tired of cleaning up black streaks on her tile from her old casters. You had the selection as well as enough detailed information for me to order replacement casters and sockets. They fit perfectly and she loves how they look and how they roll. My experience was great!

Hi Charlie,
My casters came today and I couldn't wait to put them on my 20 year old chairs. They are really well built and easy to install. After I put on the first set, wheeled them on my hardwood floors, I could tell they are really well built. I couldn't be happier and appreciate the quality products you sell. Continue success to you and your wife.
Thanks, Gary

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