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How to choose your new casters.

Choosing the correct caster is not an easy task. Most people are confused from the beginning. We will try to make this as easy as we can. Follow the steps that we provide and you should be able to pick the "perfect" caster. You must determine the type of mounting for your caster. Look at the photos and choose the ones that most closely resemble your old caster. Not all manufacturers make their products identical but the "concept" of how the device works will remain the same. We will explain how everything works. Take a look at the photos below to get started.

When we show a stem, we are showing you the part that goes into the object and we NEVER show the part that is INSIDE the caster itself!!!
When a caster is made, the manufacturer can attach the stem to the body in many different ways. It does not matter how he does it. The part that goes into your chair or your socket does matter and there are certain normal sizes to these stems. Our graphics depict ONLY that portion of the stem.

The only time this is not true is if you have a "Stemless Caster". A Stemless Caster does NOT have a stem attached instead the stem is WELDED to the chair. We show you a Stemless Caster on this page.

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Click on the Photo below that most matches your Caster.
Grip Ring Stem Grip Neck Stem Threaded Stem Plate
Grip Ring Stems Grip Ring Stems Threaded Stems Plate Mount

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