I need help measuring my caster.

Would you like us to measure your caster for you?

We Understand!!!
We understand that trying to figure out all of this information on "Stem Type", "Stem Size", "Wheel Size" and more can make buying new casters a difficult undertaking.
BUT - We can help!!!
Send us your caster. We will measure the stem, wheels and even tell you the materials that the caster is made of. We will make a recommendation as to which caster will fit your item and if you include information about your floor material, we will tell you which wheel material will work the best for you. We will return the caster to you prepaid via USPS. You have no obligation to purchase anything from us. There is a small charge for this service but if you don't understand or physically can't do this yourself, this service is for you.

Here's How it works.
1. Order and pay for the service by clicking here. For the "Shipping Address" enter the address that you want us to return the caster to. Upon completion of your order, print out 2 copies of your receipt. One to put inside the box when you ship your caster to us and the other for your records.

2. Send an email to casters@needcasters.com with any other information that you would like to tell us about your project. Please reference your Order Number.
3. Pack your caster with a copy of your order receipt inside the box and send it to:

397 Mohegan Circle
Lafayette, New Jersey 07848-4006
Attn: Charlie

That's all. You will hear from us as soon as your caster arrives.
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