65mm Black Single Wheel Contemporary Caster with Soft Polyurethane Wheel.
Really Different - Really Cool !!
This very contemporary style single wheel caster has a single Soft Polyurethane wheel which is 1" wide and provides a large footprint on your floor. Black body with Gray non-marking Soft Polyurethane wheel is an excellent caster for some hardwood floors and tile.
65mm Black Caster With Soft Wheels
Pricce and Options
Arrow65mm (2 1/2" Diameter)
ArrowSingle 1" Wide Wheel
Arrow110 lbs Capacity per caster
ArrowSoft Gray Polyurethane Wheel
ArrowSolid Nylon Body Construction
ArrowSteel Axle
ArrowMatte Black - Gray Wheel
ArrowOver All Height - 3 1/4"
ArrowGrip Ring Stem - 7/16" x 7/8" Long
ArrowBody Diameter meeting chair is 1 3/8"
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