Casters - Chair Casters - Furniture Casters - Swivel Casters and More has the chair casters and furniture casters that other suppliers rarely carry. We have hard to find colored chair casters and furniture casters: White Casters, Tan Casters and Gray Casters. The colors that were used back in the 70's and 80's that you need to replace on that treasured furniture you love and NOW we have TAN Casters with Soft Polyurethane Wheels. We have one of the largest selections of Twin Wheel Casters ( Dual Wheel Casters ) for chairs and furniture available on the internet: some with Hard Wheels and others with Soft Wheels. Chose the perfect Office Chair Caster or Kitchen Chair Caster. We also have hard to find stems. Metric stems and smaller stems are available on a variety of our chair casters and furniture casters. If you are a larger person and need a heavy duty chair caster, see our SUMO SERIES casters for chairs and furniture. Have a hair or pet problem with you casters? We have a caster with removable wheels. Pop the wheels out to clean as good a new in minutes. EZ-Clean Casters. We will provide you with Tips and Tricks to fix your chair and replace worn casters. Selecting the right caster is easy if you follow our easy instructions. Just follow our 3 step course - click here!

How do you mount a caster on the edge of plywood, MDF or other narrow material? With our U Bracket Caster!

Need the Hard to Find 10mm Grip Ring Stem Caster? We have it here.

We believe that we have the finest collection of Chair Casters and Furniture Casters available in one place on the internet!

Need casters for your butcher block or kitchen island? We have them here. Need casters in your workshop? We have it here. Also look at our Hollow Kingpin / Bolt Hole Caster! The Hollow Kingpin ( also called a "Bolt Hole Caster" ) is a very unique design for attaching a caster to an object. It allows you to customize your application by using a bolt or a lag bolt in the length or thread of your choice. It's Amazing! is proud to be an Authorized Reseller of genuine FOOTMASTER ® Leveling Casters. FOOTMASTER ® is the original. Buy the best, not the copies. Lowest Prices on the Internet!!.NOW AVAILABLE IN BLACK!
See our full line of leveling casters here.

Total Locking Casters are here for work benches, kitchen islands and anything that must remain totally immobile when the caster brake is engaged. If you need something heavier look at our and Medium - Heavy Duty Casters. If you just need caster wheels, you have the option to do that too.

We feature 3 different pneumatic or pneumatic type casters. Pneumatic Casters with Air Filled Tires, Foam Filled Tires and Solid Rubber Tires are used for many indoor and outdoor applications. Our Centipede wheel is in our Outdoor Casters and Yard Casters. We also have a Light Duty Pneumatic Caster which is available in either a plate type mounting or a stem mounting. These are ideal for camera tripods and for other delicate installations.

Our Safety Casters feature an internal brake that prevents wheels from rolling freely when the user stands up; allows smooth effortless chair rolling while seated and minimizes chair movement when no weight is applied.

Low Profile casters provide high capacity compared to their small size. They are used when the overall height of a project is limited. Our Twin Wheel Business Machine casters will be the perfect choice because of their high capacity and low height.See our low profile casters in some really HOT Colors and you can just buy the wheel if you like. Low Profile Colored Casters and Wheels.

We carry a full line of plastic and metal sockets to complete certain caster installations. Sockets and Brackets are a perfect accessory for inserting stem casters into tubular legs.

Glides and Sliders may be a great solution when a caster is not the best choice. We carry glides for many different applications. If you wanted to remove the casters from your office chair, you could use a Bell Glide in place of the caster and it would maintain the height of your chair.

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