God Bless Captain & Mrs. NeedCasters

Pardon my delay in Thanking You
You solved this Disabled Jersey Girls major problem

I can push the bed with one knee
And she rolls with ease

Funny thing, the thank you delay is boat related

I received a text message from a friend that works
in the boat business.
He is a friend that helps me around the house.

" I'm in the hospital with a fractured right pelvis.
Fell off a boat on land
onto a trailer. "
He actually fractured other parts as well

He was shrink-wrapping a boat
His co-worker shifted his weight
and threw him off
And the trailer was waiting for him

Needless to say ; He couldn't help me.
A friend lent me a sturdy bed frame
The casters were attached
And the Bed Rolls !

Thank You
Thank You
Thank You

I believe in Angel's
And you truly are Angel's

~~~ God Bless You and Your's ~~~

Best Regards,
Disabled Jersey Girl

My son's father-in-law is a captain
and that is how I know how to address you officially

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